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Failing to get 79+ in PTE - A Complete Guide to get you 79+

HOW TO GET 79+ IN PTE Do you often wonder how to get 79+ in PTE? Do you always end up near 79, but not able to score 79 each? Well, there are a couple of things you should focus on. 1. The important tasks that will help you to score high. 2. Know and work on your enabling skills. 3. Manage time during the exam in order to get past 79 each in PTE. 4. Right practice material. 5. Follow the right strategies.  Let us discuss all of them one by one. Here I assume that you are familiar with all PTE tasks. Coming to the first point, scoring 79+ in PTE is not a cakewalk. If you want to score high asap, it is better to understand the relevancy of various tasks. As most of the tasks in PTE are interrelated i.e. scores for a module is fetched from other modules, focusing on the important tasks will save you a lot of time and energy. What are the tasks which are important for scoring high in the PTE Exam? The lis

Summarize Written Text - Get 79+ in Reading & Writing

PTE - SUMMARIZE WRITTEN TEXT GUIDE Do you often wonder how you should write a good PTE summarize written text (SWT)?  Well, most of the people will guide you to write anything between 35-55 words whereas the maximum word limit allowed is 75. It is true that an expert in the English language may write a precise summary with few words. But, what an average English user shall do to get high marks?  In this article, I have explained my PTE tips and tricks which enabled me to get  79 + in all the modules, in fact, my final score was 90,90,90,89.  Here, it is important to know SWT accounts for both writing and reading scores in PTE. In fact, I have observed that many people who generally lag in the reading module are not writing good summaries. Minor changes in the way they approach this task helped them to get 79+ in all of the PTE modules.  You may use templates for summaries for scoring 65+, but for scoring 79+, I do not recommend using them. However, there are

Free PTE Score Analysis | Free PTE Score Assessment

Free PTE Score Analysis | Free PTE Score Assessment Get Free PTE Score Analysis Mail us your detailed scorecard hiding personal details . If possible, please send us scorecards of all your mocks and PTE exam attempts for better analysis.  Mail to Receive your assessment with a detailed analysis covering your strengths and weaknesses along with tips and tricks to improve. Support us by subscribing to our blog and recommending others to follow it.   

Worried about how to handle PTE - Read Aloud Section

PTE READ ALOUD GUIDE The simplest yet the most important task in PTE Exam - Read Aloud. This is the task which is often ignored by many test-takers, but it is very important as it gives around 22 good marks each for both PTE reading and speaking. And, it is one of the easiest tasks in PTE.  Before we move further, let understand the scoring criteria and task description of this task. SCORES ASSESSED  It is an integrated task that gives a score for both speaking and reading Speaking – 22 Score Reading – 22 Score Read Aloud Task Description A passage/text will be displayed on the computer screen The candidate will be given 40 seconds to prepare for the actual recording on the computer. Then the recording will start.  Candidate should start speaking within 3 seconds after the beep’s sound otherwise the task will get skipped automatically.  SCORING CRITERIA This task is assessed on the basis of three major things: Cont

IELTS Essay- A complete guide to writing an Essay.

HOW TO WRITE A BAND 7 ESSAY In this article, I am focusing on the basic structure of an essay or IELTS writing Task 2 and how to write an essay for IELTS Exam. Most of the time, students write so many things in an essay but still are not able to compile a band 7 essay. An essay should cater to every demand of a question prompt, and at the same time, it should also maintain coherence and cohesion at all the levels.  Most of the people are aware that they should either write four or five paragraphs band not less than that. But, they are not sure how to go about it. They approach the question prompt in an unplanned way. It is like setting off to some destination without proper route and plan. So, it is always better to set off to a target with proper planning. And, what if, you have a fixed route to approach a destination.  In this article, what I am trying to do is to make this (essay) a subjective task as an objective task, wherein you are required to answer a number o

Don't Know where and how to start with PTE preparation

HOW TO PREPARE FOR PTE EXAM Well, whenever you decide to start preparing for the PTE Exam, the biggest confusion which comes to mind is how to prepare for the PTE Exam. In this blog, I am trying to explain the step-wise guide to prepare for your targeted score of 65+ and 79+ in PTE. STEP 1 First of all, understand the different types of questions in all the four modules i.e speaking, writing, reading and listening. Now let us discuss all of them one by one briefly. SPEAKING SECTION 1. READ ALOUD Scope: Test-takers are required to read a text displayed on the computer. They are given 40 seconds to prepare for the text. Recording starts when these 40 seconds finish. Test-takers should start speaking within 3 seconds otherwise recording will stop. Requirements: Test-takers should speak as clearly as possible. Remember read aloud means to speak as clearly not speak loudly. Scores Assessed: Scores are given for both speaking and reading modules. Read