Failing to get 79+ in PTE - A Complete Guide to get you 79+



Do you often wonder how to get 79+ in PTE?

Do you always end up near 79, but not able to score 79 each?

Well, there are a couple of things you should focus on.

1. The important tasks that will help you to score high.

2. Know and work on your enabling skills.

3. Manage time during the exam in order to get past 79 each in PTE.

4. Right practice material.

5. Follow the right strategies. 

Let us discuss all of them one by one. Here I assume that you are familiar with all PTE tasks.

Coming to the first point, scoring 79+ in PTE is not a cakewalk. If you want to score high asap, it is better to understand the relevancy of various tasks. As most of the tasks in PTE are interrelated i.e. scores for a module is fetched from other modules, focusing on the important tasks will save you a lot of time and energy.

What are the tasks which are important for scoring high in the PTE Exam?

The list follows below:

1. Speaking - Read aloud (it accounts for both reading and speaking score)
2. Speaking - Describe image
3. Speaking - Repeat sentences (it accounts for both listening and speaking score)
4. Speaking - Retell Lecture (it accounts for both listening and speaking score)
5. Writing - Summarize written text (it accounts for both writing and reading score)
6. Reading - Reading and writing fill in the blanks (it accounts for both writing and reading score)
7. Reading - Rearrange para
8. Listening - Summarize spoken text (it accounts for both listening and writing score)
9. Listening - Fill in the blanks (it accounts for both listening and writing score)
10. Listening - Write from dictation ((it accounts for both listening and writing score)

More importantly, you need to work on mastering two tasks: Summarize written text, and Summarize spoken text. These two are the biggest bottleneck in attaining PTE 79+. I have shared an approach to these tasks in my other blogs. 

Here, I am not saying that others are not important, but you need to practise all of above at least four times more as compared to the rest of the tasks not mentioned above. I am pretty much sure that if you attain proficiency in all of the above-mentioned tasks you will score 79+ in your first attempt.

Below is the tentative score distribution in the PTE exam for you to understand the important tasks based on the score distribution:

Failing to get 79+ in PTE - A Complete Guide to get you 79+

Based on my experience, I would also like to mention the frequency of these tasks which you should practice daily for at least a month in order to get full proficiency.

1. Speaking - Read aloud -- Daily at least 10
2. Speaking - Describe image -- Daily at least 10
3. Speaking - Repeat sentences -- Daily at least 100
4. Speaking - Retell Lecture -- Daily at least 4
5. Writing - Summarize written text -- Daily at least 3
6. Reading - Reading and writing fill in the blanks -- Daily at least 5
7. Reading - Rearrange para - Daily at least 5
8. Listening - Summarize spoken text -- Daily at least 5
9. Listening - Fill in the blanks -- Daily at least 10
10. Listening - Write from dictation -- Daily at least 20

The above tasks you should be able to do in 2 hours approximately. Rest of the tasks you may practice on weekends only (you still need to practice them all).

Moving on to the second point, know and work on your enabling skills based on your mock test or actual attempts results.

Oral fluency
Written discourse

Let discuss them one by one

If you are scoring low in grammar skills then you should work on your tenses, understand types of sentences, understand adjective and adverb clause and semi-colon. Once you master them, you will score high in writing sections and obliviously related modules reading and listening as well.

Oral fluency and Pronunciation
These two skills are quite related as both come under the speaking module. You can score high in fluency if you speak continuously without any fumbles and corrections in your entire speaking module. However, most of the students understand that they need to speak fast. As a result, they mispronounce words and lose marks in pronunciations which affects your sores in speaking, listening and reading. Thus, fluency does not mean that you speak fast. Instead, you should maintain a regular pace with correct pronunciation. 
Note: Low score in pronunciation may cause low scores in both listening and reading. 
So, practice pronunciation more as compared to oral fluency. 

A low score in spelling may result in losing marks in writing, listening and reading modules. As many tasks are interrelated such as summarize spoken text, summarize written text, listening - fill in the blanks, writing wrong spelling may affect your overall scores. Focus on spellings as far as possible and practice the common words which you spell wrong most of the times.

Scores for vocabulary come from paraphrasing. You need to paraphrase in two tasks especially. Those are summarize written text and essay. In summarize written text, try to paraphrase words in your summary. Try not to copy as it is from the passage.
In the essay, try to write different words in the introduction and conclusion paragraphs to express the same topic.

Written discourse
Written discourse comes from your use of connectors in all the writing tasks such as summarize spoken text, summarize written text and essay. By connectors, I mean words such as however, moreover, furthermore, etc. Use them often in these tasks to score high in written discourse and thus, in writing module.

I hope you must have got a fair bit idea of enabling skills and can work on your weaknesses. 

Moving to the next point that is managing time in PTE Exam.

I have observed that in PTE official mock tests we do have sufficient time whereas in the actual exam we end up losing some of the tasks and thus, failing to get our targeted score. Therefore, it is very important to manage time and give importance to important tasks. 
First of all, in the reading module, we are given approx 2 minutes time for every question. But, according to me, you should spend around 1-1:30 minutes on the question which are not mentioned whereas on the important questions which I have mentioned at the beginning of this article you should spend around 3 or more minutes and move to next question only when you are confident. This strategy will certainly help you to focus on important questions. 

Similarly, in the listening task time management is the key to success. Summarize spoken task is independent to the time allotted to the rest of the listening section. Thus, you should use the full allotted time of 10 minutes each to the two summarize spoken texts. Thereafter, however, you should move through as quickly as possible and reach the last task write from dictation as early as possible. If you happen to lose even one write from dictation, you will not get 79+. Thus, you should attempt all write from dictations. 

I hope, you will plan your time in the exam as discussed above and will be able to get your desired score.

Moving further to the next point that is practising from the right material for the PTE Exam.

There are many free sites available on the internet. According to me and are the two best sites available. They have an abundance of practice material and most of them repeated in actual exams. They even show the frequency in which a particular question has come based on the feedback from the test-takers. If you are feeling difficulties in reading sections, you must double the practice of all-important reading tasks, and if possible, cram them too. There are often some files in circulation on telegram groups that are called as prediction files. Practice from them also near your exam. 

Coming to the last point, that is the right strategies for the PTE Exam. 

Well, I am trying to explain all the right strategies on this website. You may check my other articles on read aloud, summarize spoken text and summarize written text. Follow them. I will soon share strategies for other tasks as well. Please subscribe to my blog. Here I would like to say that you should not use templates especially for summarize written and spoken text. Rest of the modules you may follow templates. 

I hope the above article will be useful in your PTE exam.
Please subscribe to my blog.

Good luck!


  1. sir my score is speking 90 reading 62 writing 60 listening 68 pls suggest me how to prepare. i prepaRed most repeated from apeuni and real pte but i didnt get questions from that what to do pls help me

  2. This is a great explanation on the right strategy for PTE training. I just loved this. Thanks for much for sharing such great information.


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