Time management in the PTE Exam to get 79+

Time management in the PTE Exam to get 79+

In this article, I am going to discuss a very important aspect which is often neglected by many test-takers, and they end up scoring less than 79 in the PTE exam. This aspect is time management in both the Listening and Reading sections which could hamper the scores in listening, reading and writing, too. 
I have observed many candidates missing out on questions in listening and reading section and end up getting there desired scores. The first time test-takers, please note here that you may get slightly less time in the actual test as compared to mock test. So, you need to hurry-up in both sections.

Let us start with the reading section.

In the reading section, we generally get the following questions:

1. Reading and writing - Fill in the blanks
2. Fill in the blanks
3. Reorder Paragraphs
4. Multiple choice multiple answer
5. Multiple choice single answer

Normally the total questions in the reading section may vary in the range of 15-20 and the average time allotted varies between 32-40 minutes. This means on an average we shall spend around two minutes per question as recommended by many people.

However, if we see the tentative score distribution of PTE reading section, we can see all the questions carry different marks. Below is the tentative chart with the average number of questions, marks for each reading question:

Time management in the PTE Exam to get 79+
Here, we can see that the question R&W Fill in the blanks carry maximum marks followed by Fill in the blanks and then reorder paragraphs. On the other hand, the multiple-choice questions carry a very low score. So, shall we devote equal time to all the questions? The answer is obviously 'No'. 

In my view, we should spend around 3-4 minutes to each R&W Fill in the blanks since they contribute considerably to both writing and reading. Similarly, we should spend around 2-3 minutes on fill in the blanks followed by Reorder Paragraphs question. We can even afford to miss the multiple-choice questions because they contribute negligible score to our PTE score.

Now let's move to the Listening section.

The Listening section generally ranges between 45-57 minutes. Here we get around following 8 different types of questions. 

1. Summarize Spoken Text.
2. Multiple choice Multiple answer
3. Fill in the blanks
4. Highlight correct summary
5. Multiple choice Single answer
6. Select missing word
7. Highlight incorrect word
8. Write from dictation

The important thing to know here is that Summarize spoken text is scored independently to the rest of the listening section. So, you should not worry about the time and utilize the full 10 minutes allotted to these questions.

After this question, the rest of the listening section is a single unit and unfortunately, one of the most important questions of the entire PTE exam coming at the very end. This question is to write from dictation. Here, many students fail to attempt all write from dictation question and end up losing out on their dream of scoring 79+ in PTE as this question contributes considerably to both writing and listening section. 

Let us understand the tentative score distribution of PTE listening section same way as we have done for the reading section.
Time management in the PTE Exam to get 79+

By observing this chart, we can come to the conclusion that we need to move as fast as possible withing the listening section to have sufficient time on hand to attend write from dictation question in the end. 

Next time, make sure you do not stop at any question if you do not know the answer and better to skip or guess the answer and move to the next question as soon as possible. One more important thing to note here is that you can not skip the audio played in the different question if you are running out of time,  and you have to listen the audio in each question by compulsion; then only you can move to the next question. 

I hope this article will give some insights into the time management and next time you will plan your time meticulously and achieve your dream score.

Good Luck!



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